The OriGENE Lower Back Revival System is a concept recently developed by the Dutch sports doctor Frank Bertina. This new method enables a very much concentrated functional treatment of the back. OriGENE helps in restoring and optimizing the functions of the moving spinal column. While many treatments focus on fighting the symptoms of lower back pain, OriGENE focuses on the causes of the problems.

This functional improvement of the back takes place in a very efficient way through exercises given by a physiotherapist or doctor, who is specifically trained and certified by OriGENE. The treatment is given on an entirely new revolutionary treatment machine on the basis of treatment protocols developed by OriGENE.

The OriGENE method is, after 2 years of testing, available within the health care system since the beginning of 2005. At the end of 2012 about 220 certified physiotherapists and doctors in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland are using the OriGENE Lower Back Revival System for the treatment of back problems with unequalled success. For a few years now, the OriGENE-therapy is subject to scientific research, performed by universities and research departments of hospitals. In December 2012 the international and prestigious medical magazine SPINE, published about research carried out by the well-known Dutch St. Antonius Hospital. To read more about this SPINE-publication please follow;

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